Pet Supplies To Pamper Your Canine

Have you ever known a dog who didn’t love to be pampered? He’ll return the favor in full measure with affection and devotion. In addition to standard care and grooming services accompanied by soft background music, Just Four Paws is pleased to offer these additional possibilities for pampering your dog or as a gift to another dog you love:

Massage: Pet massage is a healthful scientific treatment, pleasurable and relaxing in every way.

Pet-i-cure: Unique salon-like care for your dog’s nails and paws is available for the ultimate in pampering.

Pet-Taxi: We are pleased to provide individual personalized pick-up and delivery service for your dog or show dog, providing careful and comfortable transportation for him to Just Four Paws, to his veterinarian, or to whatever destination you assign.

In-Home Pet Sitting: It is our pleasure to make visits to your home to feed and water your dog, walk, pet and play with him, and provide the reassurance that leaves him happy and secure until your return. (Just Four Paws sitters do not stay over night.)

Canine Merchandise: Just Four Paws uses and conveniently makes available for purchase on-site a number of canine toys and products. Our preferred line is Spectrum Laboratories products and IAMS dog food.