Dog Training In Lakeway / Bee Caves Texas

Our philosophy at Just Four Paws is that learning comes through trust. Our trainers treat canine students with respect and gentleness, using principles of positive reinforcement. Training is limited to basic obedience schooling, including commands “Come,” “Sit,” “Stay,” “Walk on leash,” as well as light behaviorial modification to include potty training, bark control, leash manners, and boundary obedience.
You may choose for your dog either one-on-one sessions or in-kennel sessions. One-on-one training is $50 per lesson (normally an hour to an hour and 15 minutes). In-kennel training starts at $250 per week and consist of up to 3 training sessions per day, with a go home lesson for the parents at the end of the stay.

Depending on the distance, we will travel for training by special arrangement if there are particular in-home training needs. Training at our Just Four Paws site, however, is the expected norm.